Historic Larimer County began its life in 1988 as the Larimer County Historic Alliance. After lying dormant for a time, the organization was resurrected in February 2017 during a meeting of about twenty four individuals gathered at the Loveland Public Library.

Though many preservation organizations have risen and fallen in parts of Larimer County, none seem to last much longer than the original crisis through which they were born. Historic Larimer County hopes to break that pattern. Rather than forming in a time of emergency, the organization was developed with hopes that it will be here for the long haul with a goal of providing education and advocacy around historic preservation — both preserving significant buildings that currently exist as well as advocating for new buildings that will represent our present day well when we look back at them from fifty years in the future.

Northern Colorado’s cultural heritage continues to change and evolve over time. Preserving where we’ve been, and speaking to where we’re going, Historic Larimer County aims to be involved in, and perhaps to help shape, the local conversation around our built environment.