On September 23rd, 2017, Historic Larimer County hosted a tour of The Plains Hotel in Cheyenne, Wyoming led by long time member and hotel owner, Astrid.

The hotel opened with a grand gala in 1911. Everyone who was anyone in Cheyenne attended the event.

The hotel has 131 rooms and the oldest operating walk-in refrigerator and freezer in any business in America. It’s also a delightful place to stay the night when visiting Cheyenne.

(Photos by Meg Dunn, Ron Sladek, and Jennifer Mayan-Kaylor.)

Astrid, the owner of the Plains Hotel in Cheyenne, gave the Historic Larimer County members and the Cheyenne Westerners members a combined tour of the historic Plains hotel.

The Plains Hotel has a beautiful stained glass ceiling in the lobby.

Astrid pointed out features on the mezzanine.

Close to 50 people attended the tour in Cheyenne.

Ron Sladek tested out the phone booth. Would most kids today have any idea what a phone booth is?

Tour goers got to see a bit of every floor of the hotel including areas guests often aren’t privy to.

Historic Larimer County members even got a grand view of Cheyenne from the rooftop of the hotel.

Historic Larimer County’s executive board members posed for a photo after the tour — Jennifer Mayan Kaylor, Ron Sladek, and Meg Dunn.