Name on the Register Date listed Site Numbrer Location of property Description
Aggie “A” Sep 13, 1995 (#5LR.472) Vicinity of Road 42C, near Horsetooth Reservoir Fort Collins  The Aggie “A” is associated with the history of Colorado State University, the former Colorado Agricultural College. The 1923 “A” is an example of hillside monograms which are distinctive landmarks in western states.
Ammons Hall 15-Jun-1978 (#78000864) Colorado State University campus Fort Collins  
Peter Anderson House 25-Oct-1979 (#79000614) 300 S. Howes St. Fort Collins  
Armstrong Hotel 31-Aug-2000 (#00001002) 249-261 S. College Ave. Fort Collins  
Arrowhead Lodge 27-May-1992 (#92000502) 34500 Poudre Canyon Highway in the Roosevelt National Forest Bellvue  
Avery House 24-Jun-1972 (#72000274) 328 W. Mountain Ave. Fort Collins  
Baker House 20-Jul-1978 (#78000866) 304-304½ E. Mulberry St. Fort Collins  
Baldpate Inn 11-Jan-1996 (#95001510) 4900 S. State Highway 7 Estes Park  
Bear Lake Comfort Station 29-Jan-1988 (#87001137) Bear Lake Estes Park  
Bee Farm 25-Nov-2002 (#02001409) 4320 E. County Road 58 Fort Collins  
A. S. Benson House 6-Jan-2004 (#03001362) 463 W. 5th St. Loveland  
Big Thompson River Bridge III 15-Oct-2002 (#02001139) U.S. Highway 34 at milepost 85.15 Loveland  
Big Thompson River Bridge IV 15-Oct-2002 (#02001140) U.S. Highway 34 at milepost 86.04 Loveland  
Bimson Blacksmith Shop 23-Jul-1981 (#81000185) 224 Mountain St. Berthoud  
Bingham Homestead Rural Historic Landscape 16-Apr-2013 (#13000161) 4916 Bingham Hill Rd. Bellvue  
Maude Stanfield Harter Borland House 6-Jul-2004 (#04000662) 610 N. Jefferson Ave. Loveland  
Botanical and Horticultural Laboratory 18-Sep-1978 (#78003395) Colorado State University campus Fort Collins Now called Routt Hall.
Jay H. Bouton House 18-Dec-1978 (#78000867) 113 N. Sherwood St. Fort Collins  
Buckeye School 26-Jun-2008 (#08000599) Off W. County Road 80 Wellington  
Chasteen’s Grove 6-Sep-1978 (#78000872) West of Loveland off U.S. Highway 34 Loveland  
Clatworthy Place 14-Jul-2004 (#04000681) 225 Cyteworth Rd. Estes Park  
Colorado and Southern Railway Depot 14-Jun-1982 (#82002303) 405 Railroad Ave. Loveland  
Crags Lodge 1-Jul-1998 (#98000814) 300 Riverside Dr. Estes Park  
Downtown Loveland Historic District 1-Jun-2015 (#15000281) Roughly bounded by Railroad & Jefferson Aves., alleys between 3rd & 4th Sts. & 4th & 5th Sts. Loveland  
East Longs Peak Trail-Longs Peak Trail-Keyhole Route-Shelf Trail 10-Jul-2007 (#07000740) West of State Highway 7 Allenspark Extends into Boulder County.
Edgemont 15-Jul-1998 (#98000853) 1861 Mary’s Lake Rd. Estes Park  
Elkhorn Lodge 27-Dec-1978 (#78000862) 530 W. Elkhorn Ave. Estes Park  
Fall River Entrance Historic District 29-Jan-1988 (#87001139) Fall River Entrance Estes Park Boundary increase approved March 5, 2018.
Fall River Pass Ranger Station 29-Jan-1988 (#87001140) Fall River Pass Estes Park  
Fall River Pump House and Catchment Basin 30-Aug-2006 (#06000735) Near the top of Fall River Road in Rocky Mountain National Park Estes Park  
Fall River Road 20-Jul-1987 (#87001129) Fall River Rd. Estes Park Boundary increase approved May 21, 2018
Fern Lake Patrol Cabin 29-Jan-1988 (#87001142) Fern Lake Estes Park  
Fern Lake Trail 28-Feb-2005 (#05000074) Rocky Mountain National Park Estes Park  
First National Bank Building 10-Aug-2000 (#00000937) 3728 Cleveland Ave. Wellington  
First United Presbyterian Church 7-Jul-2004 (#04000664) 400 E. 4th St. Loveland  
Flattop Mountain Trail 27-Sep-2007 (#07000999) Rocky Mountain National Park[7] Estes Park  
Jacob and Elizabeth Flowers House 1-Mar-2007 (#07000086) 5200 W. County Road 52E Bellvue  
Fort Collins Armory 15-Oct-2002 (#02001133) 314 E. Mountain Ave. Fort Collins  
Fort Collins Municipal Railway Birney Safety Streetcar No. 21 5-Jan-1984 (#84000860) 1801 W. Mountain Ave. Fort Collins  
Fort Collins Post Office 30-Jan-1978 (#78000868) 201 S. College Ave. Fort Collins Now used as the Ft. Collins Museum of Contemporary Art
Montezuma Fuller House 15-Dec-1978 (#78000869) 226 W. Magnolia St. Fort Collins  
Gem Lake Trail 29-Jan-2008 (#07001473) North of Devils Gulch Rd. to Gem Lake[8] Estes Park  
Glacier Basin Campground Ranger Station 20-Jul-1987 (#87001143) Glacier Basin Estes Park  
Graves Camp Rural Historic District 14-Dec-2016 (#16000155) Five miles west of I-25 just south of the Colorado-Wyoming state line, in far northeastern Larimer County Wellington In the Soapstone Prairie Natural Area
Great Western Sugar Company Effluent Flume and Bridge 19-Nov-2014 (#14000927) Cache la Poudre R., 1/2 mi. W. of Timberline Rd. Fort Collins  
Greeley, Salt Lake and Pacific Railroad-Stout Branch 16-Apr-2008 (#08000291) Approximately 0.5 miles (0.80 km) south of the junction of U.S. Highway 287 and County Road 28 Laporte  
Harmony Mill 22-Nov-1995 (#95001327) 131 Lincoln Ave. Fort Collins  
Hewes-Kirkwood Inn 28-Oct-1994 (#94001254) 465 Long Peak Rd. Estes Park Now part of an adult summer music camp.
Homestead Meadows Discontiguous District 4-Oct-1990 (#90001476) At the end of Lion Gulch[9] Estes Park  
Kaplan-Hoover Site 18-Apr-2003 (#03000229) 800 metres (2,600 ft) south of the Cache La Poudre River, west of Windsor[10] Windsor A bone bed 15 metres (49 ft) long, dating from the Late Archaic period[10]
Kissock Block Building 16-May-1985 (#85001061) 115-121 E. Mountain Ave. Fort Collins  
Lake Haiyaha Trail 5-Mar-2008 (#08000125) Roughly along Bear, Nymph, and Dream Lakes, then up Chaos Canyon[11] Estes Park  
Laurel School Historic District 3-Oct-1980 (#80000909) Off U.S. Highway 287 Fort Collins  
Leiffer House 2-Aug-1978 (#78000278) South of Estes Park off State Highway 7 Estes Park  
Lindenmeier Site 15-Oct-1966 (#66000249) Address Restricted Fort Collins  
Livermore Hotel and General Store 14-Sep-2001 (#01000970) 2140 Red Feather Lakes Road[12] Livermore  
Lost Lake Trail 5-Mar-2008 (#08000126) Roughly along the North Fork of the Big Thompson River[13] Estes Park  
Loveland State Armory 12-Apr-2001 (#01000350) 201 S. Lincoln Ave. Loveland  
R.G. Maxwell House 29-Sep-1980 (#80000910) 2340 W. Mulberry St. Fort Collins  
MacGregor Ranch 31-Jul-1989 (#89001008) 180 MacGregor Ave. Estes Park  
William H. McCreery House 2-May-2001 (#01000445) 746 N. Washington Ave. Loveland  
McGraw Ranch 17-Sep-1998 (#98001163) McGraw Ranch Rd. Estes Park  
McHugh-Andrews House 27-Dec-1978 (#78000870) 202 Remington St. Fort Collins  
Enos Mills Homestead Cabin 11-May-1973 (#73000480) South of Estes Park off State Highway 7 Estes Park  
Milner-Schwarz House 19-Mar-2014 (#14000058) 710 S. Railroad Ave. Loveland  
Moraine Lodge 8-Oct-1976 (#76000206) West of Estes Park off U.S. Highway 36 on Bear Lake Rd. Estes Park Boundaries increased on June 15, 2005under the name of “Moraine Park Museum and Amphitheater”
Mosman House 15-Dec-1978 (#78000865) 324 E. Oak St. Fort Collins  
Mountainside Lodge 20-Jul-2000 (#00000814) 2515 Tunnel Rd. Estes Park On the grounds of the YMCA of the Rockies
North Inlet Trail 5-Mar-2008 (#08000127) Roughly along North Inlet and Hallett Creek to Flattop Mountain[14] Grand Lake Extends into Grand County
Old Town Historic District 2-Aug-1978 (#78000871) Roughly bounded by College Ave. and Mountain, Pine, Willow, and Walnut Sts. Fort Collins  
Opera House Block/Central Block Building 8-Feb-1985 (#85000214) 117-131 N. College Ave. Fort Collins  
Park Theatre 14-Jun-1984 (#84000862) 130 Moraine Ave. Estes Park  
Patterson House 22-Jan-2019 (#100003319) 121 N. Grant Ave. Fort Collins  
Peep O Day Park 10-Aug-2011 (#11000520) 5445 Wild Ln. Loveland  
Pleasant Valley School 11-Oct-2003 (#03001008) 4032 N. County Road 25E Bellvue  
Plummer School 29-Apr-1999 (#99000485) 2524 E. Vine Dr. Fort Collins  
Preston Farm 10-May-2001 (#01000489) 4605 S. Ziegler Rd. Fort Collins  
Provost Homestead-Herring Farm Rural Historic Landscape 27-Dec-2010 (#10001053) 2405 North Overland Trail Laporte  
Rialto Theater 17-Feb-1988 (#87002213) 228-230 E. 4th Ave. Loveland  
T.H. Robertson House 2-Jul-1992 (#92000811) 420 W. Mountain Ave. Fort Collins  
Rocky Mountain National Park Administration Building 3-Jan-2001 (#01000069) U.S. Highway 36 Estes Park  
Rocky Mountain National Park Utility Area Historic District 18-Mar-1982 (#82001717) Beaver Meadows Entrance Rd. Estes Park  
E.A. Schlichter House 22-Nov-2016 (#16000784) 1312 S. College Ave. Fort Collins  
Henry K. and Mary E. Shaffer House 9-Jan-2007 (#06001219) 1302 N. Grant Ave. Loveland  
Snogo Snow Plow 4-Oct-2006 (#06000934) Rocky Mountain National Park Estes Park  
Soloman Batterson Ranch 15-Oct-2010 (#10000860) 603 Mount Moriah Rd. Livermore  
Spruce Hall 9-Jan-1977 (#77000381) Colorado State University campus Fort Collins  
Stanley Hotel 26-May-1977 (#77000380) 333 Wonder View Ave. Estes Park  
Stanley Hotel District 20-Jun-1985 (#85001256) 333 Wonder View Ave.; also Fish Hatchery Rd. at the Fall River Estes Park Fish Hatchery is the Stanley Power Plant, a boundary increase of April 14, 1998
Gustav and Annie Swanson Farm 5-Oct-2005 (#05001116) 1932 N. U.S. Highway 287 Berthoud  
Tonahutu Creek Trail 5-Mar-2008 (#08000130) Roughly along Tonahutu Creek to Flattop Mountain[15] Grand Lake Extends into Grand County
Trail Ridge Road 14-Nov-1984 (#84000242) Rocky Mountain National Park Estes Park Extends into Grand County
Truscott Junior High School 16-Jul-2017 (#100001339) 211 W. 6th St. Loveland  
Twin Sisters Lookout 24-Dec-1992 (#92001670) On the Twin Sisters Peaks in Rocky Mountain National Park Estes Park  
Agnes Vaille Shelter 24-Dec-1992 (#92001669) Northwest of Longs Peak along the East Longs Peak Trail in Rocky Mountain National Park Estes Park  
Virginia Dale Stage Station 26-Sep-1985 (#85002562) Off U.S. Highway 287 Virginia Dale  
Ernest Waycott House 2-Dec-1993 (#93001363) 1501 W. Mountain Ave. Fort Collins  
William Allen White Cabins 25-Oct-1973 (#73001944) West of Estes Park of Moraine Park Visitor Center in Rocky Mountain National Park Estes Park  
Beatrice Willard Alpine Tundra Research Plots 25-Oct-2007 (#07001101) U.S. Highway 34 at Rock Cut and Forest Canyon Estes Park  
Willow Park Patrol Cabin 20-Jul-1987 (#87001144) Fall River Rd. Estes Park  
Willow Park Stable 20-Jul-1987 (#87001145) Fall River Pass Estes Park  
Wind Ridge 15-Oct-2002 (#02001130) 1397 Clara Dr. Estes Park  
Ypsilon Lake Trail 5-Mar-2008 (#08000131) Along a ridge between Chiquita Creek and the Roaring River Estes Park  
Properties removed from the Register         Removal date
Bear Lake Ranger Station 29-Jan-1988 (#87001138) Bear Lake Estes Park 9-Apr-09
Big Thompson River Bridge I 15-Oct-2002 (#02001144) U.S. Highway 34 at milepost 65.53 Estes Park 29-Nov-10
Big Thompson River Bridge II 15-Nov-2002 (#02001141) U.S. Highway 34 at milepost 66.22 Estes Park 29-Nov-10

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