Volunteer Opportunities

Lend a Helping Hand
We need your help! There are several ways you can get involved in the work of Historic Larimer County.

Fundraising: The fundraising team has yet to get started because it’s waiting on you to step up and help out! If you’re interested in helping local businesses connect with Historic Larimer County as partners, or if you enjoy hosting fundraising events, consider getting involved with this committee. Contact Ron Sladek for more information. (Email address to come.)

Communications: There’s a communications group that will be working on putting together eNewsletters and a quarterly newsletter with stories and information. We are also looking for articles on local historic places. If you already have a written piece that you’d be willing to share, or if you’d like to be on the communications committee, please contact Meg Dunn.

Membership: There’s a membership team that could use help with marketing and rewards ideas. If you’re interested in helping out, please contact Sue Schneider. (Email address to come.)

Event Planning: We’d like to hold a weekend event in May 2018 to celebrate Historic Preservation Month, to provide educational sessions for members, and to hold our annual members’ meeting. If you enjoy event planning and would like to help, please contact Meg Dunn.

Contact Us

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