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Northern Colorado History & Heritage Events

This list includes as many history talks, tours, and reenactments as we could find. Also included are fundraisers being held by local historical societies, museums, and other history-related organizations.

Though this is the most comprehensive list of history and heritage events available for Northern Colorado, it sometimes happen that an event is missed. If you know of an event that’s not included here, please hop over to our Contact page and send us a note about what’s missing. It also occasionally happens that a typo sneaks its way into the text and a wrong date or time is listed. So we recommend that whenever you find an event that you’d like to attend, please click through on the link provided to get more information directly from the source.

This list is compiled by Meg Dunn who is a member of the Historic Larimer County board. Meg also publishes articles at and produces this events list as an eNewsletter sent out under the heading of “History Now.” If you would like to receive this list directly to your inbox, sign up here. The newsletter is published around the end of each month. If you’re not seeing it, please check your spam folder.

November 2021 History & Heritage Events

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November 2

Zoom: The Normalization of Hatred. Many have never heard, or know very little, about the rising tide of the KKK in America during the 1920s, especially right here in our own state of Colorado. Meg Dunn will give an overview of how the Ku Klux Klan was revived in 1915, invited to Colorado, and spread to every region of the state, including Northern Colorado. Dunn will point out how Coloradoans took what had previously been a Southern institution, and we made it our own, normalizing hatred in a way that made it not only acceptable, but highly regarded by many. If you have already heard a similar talk by Sharon Danhauer at the Loveland Historical Society a few years back, this will cover some of the same ground (It is the same history, after all.), but there will be more attention given to Klan activity in Northern Colorado – information that Sharon didn’t have at the time. So please don’t stay away just because you’ve heard about this before. It’s a very interesting topic and worth learning about. The point of this talk is not to add hatred to hatred, nor to put anyone down, but to have a better understanding of what happened in our local history and how it came about. This talk is being hosted by the Fort Collins Historical Society. Click through for the Zoom link.

November 3

Greeley: An Evening with John Fielder, hosted by the Greeley History Museum. A multi-media show with photographs, beautiful music, and history in Monfort Concert Hall at the Union Colony Civic Center. Commissioned by the Weld Community Foundation to create a coffee table book of the stunning views of Weld County, Fielder covered all 4,000 square miles of the county to photograph areas from the Pawnee Buttes to the Poudre and Platte. Celebrate this wonderful photography with a musical presentation of Fielder’s work on the big screen, book signing, and a tribute to local historian and former City of Greeley Museums’ curator, Peggy Ford Waldo. Presented by Greeley Museums, ticket sales and 25% of all book sale proceeds will go to the Friends of Greeley Museums, to help support their outreach efforts. Tickets are on sale now at the Union Colony Civic Center, located at 701 10th Avenue in Greeley. Purchase tickets online to the event for $17.50 or purchase in person, at the door, for the same price. For more information, visit or call 970-350-9220. 7 – 9:30 pm at the Union Colony Civic Center, 701 10th Avenue. Cost: $17.50. Purchase tickets online, or attend the event in New Raymer instead (see Nov. 6 listing).

November 6

Zoom: Larimer County Genealogical Society is pleased to present this free class on “Using Ancestry’s Website.” The class will comprise of [sic] using the world’s largest online database with over 18 billion records in 32,750 databases, creating or accessing 80 million family trees, and over 300 million photos. The instructor will review the Library edition versus the multiple home editions. In addition, the instructor will review the family trees, and extensive learning library with lots of genealogy articles and videos to supplement your research. Plus optional videos in their Academy paid section. Ancestry also has a collaborative section on message boards that date back to 1991. Many genealogists use the message board to communicate with cousins on finding their ancestors. The instructor will not review the DNA section as our society had a class on “Using Ancestry’s DNA Database” last May. We will repeat that class next year. The large screen will show the different live views of Ancestry’s website. 9 am – Noon. Sign up online to get the Zoom link.

Loveland: Namaqua and the Wild Plaster Mill. This Historic Larimer County tour will start (weather permitting) at Loveland’s pioneer cemetery, which was given to the Loveland Historical Society in 2009. The original Mariano Medina Family Cemetery of 1864 is being restored and preserved. This site will give us an opportunity to talk about preserving the places in history that already been substantially lost or altered. When the story is one that’s still important to be telling, what does that look like in terms of historic preservation? Then we’ll head over to Devil’s Backbone to learn about the Wild Plaster Mill. Peep O Day Park, which was the Alfred Wild home and location of his various business endeavors, sits on a bluff west of the city limits of Loveland, Colorado. This is a very interesting site that was once even incorporated as a town! Come learn the whole story of Wild and his business dealings from Ron Sladek, President of Historic Larimer County. If the weather is bad, then we will postpone this event until November 13th. We usually don’t have outdoor tours in November due to possible bad weather, but this site is one that is just too popular in summer. So our best chance at having nearby parking is during the colder months. So… if the weather is bad on the 6th, please check our Facebook page or website for updates as to weather we’re postponing or not. 1 pm. Meet up at Namaqua Park, 730 N Namaqua Ave. (If the weather is bad on the 6th, we’ll postpone to the 13th.)

New Raymer: Weld County: 4,000 Square Miles of Grandeur, Greatness & Yesterdays. Renowned Colorado photographer John Fielder presents photographs, beautiful music, and stories from his four-year project exploring Weld County. From golden wheat to green alfalfa fields; from the confluence of the South Platte and Poudre rivers to the Pawnee Buttes and National Grasslands; from public art in Frederick to barely standing buildings of bygone eras in New Raymer and Grover, Fielder has documented untold gems of both the natural and human history of Weld County. Also see Weld County fade from Then to Now from the archives of Greeley Museums. With a special photographic and musical essay about Raymer, Colorado! You’ve seen and read about the book of the same name Weld County: 4,000 Square Miles of Grandeur, Greatness & Yesterdays every Saturday in the Greeley Tribune…now see what’s inside on the slide screen. Copies of the book, and all of John’s popular Colorado books and calendars, will be available for purchase and signing by John before and after the show. You may also bring previously purchased copies for John to personalize. 25% of sales will be donated to Friends of Raymer. John Fielder will be available to sign books starting at 4 pm. The presentation will start at 4:30 pm. New Raymer Community Center: 23 Shirley Avenue.  Book Signing beginning at 4 pm. Presentation beginning at 4:30 pm. Please RSVP in advance.

November 8

Loveland: Brits Break the German Enigma Code. During WWII England was successful in breaking and deciphering Germany’s most complicated code language, and was able for a long time to keep that fact secret from the Germans. 7-8 pm at the Loveland Museum, 503 N Lincoln Ave. This Loveland Historical Society talk is free and open to the public.

November 9

Denver/Zoom: The Mapping of New Spain and Alzate y Ramirez’s Remarkable Map. In 1768, Don José Antonio de Alzate y Ramirez, a Mexican renaissance man, created a large manuscript map of New Spain (defined at the time as those portions of North America controlled by Spain). For centuries, Spain jealously guarded its geographic knowledge about the New World and rarely allowed information to be published. In a bold move, Alzate sent the manuscript to the French Royal Academy of Sciences hoping that the learned society would publish it. This outrageous breach of protocol resulted in the only map printed of New Spain using Spanish information that appeared during the eighteenth century! Regions to the north, in what would become the western United States, are rich with previously unprinted information. This presentation describes this extraordinary map in the context of the limited knowledge of western North America at the time. ​ Speaker: Wes Brown has been a collector and student of old maps for over 40 years. He has published many papers and given scores of talks about the history of cartography. He serves on the boards of the Rocky Mountain Map Society, the Society for the History of Discoveries, and the International Map Collectors Society. ​ Meeting place: In person and online, History Colorado, Research Center, downtown Denver. 5:30 pm. Register to receive the Zoom link.

November 13

Zoom: Intermediate Genealogy Part II with Bob Larson. Now that you’ve looked at basic records such as the census and vital records, are you wondering what to do next? Intermediate Genealogy Part Two will help you advance beyond these basic records. This Part Two class will teach you how to access and use the following records in depth: directories, land records, immigration, passenger, and naturalization records, court records, and lineage societies in depth. Learn new terms such as Gazeteer, grantor, grantee, metes & bounds, sections & acres, immigration ports, wills, probate process, testate, intestate, declaration of intent, final decrees, DNA testing, DAR, SAR, and other esoteric terms that tend to confuse novice record users and where to find these records. This free, three-hour class will provide clues you’ve been looking for to take your family history to the next level. Plus we will review the databases available at Loveland Library and your home. Simple handouts will be available at the class plus the presentation slides will be emailed to you the day before the class. Recommended to have attended Introduction to Genealogy class if you are a beginner before attending this class. 9 am – Noon. Sign up in advance for the Zoom link. This class is hosted by the Larimer County Genealogical Society.

November 17

Zoom: The Avenir Museum is pleased to announce its selection for the Fall 2021 Book Club’s virtual gathering! Please plan to procure a copy from your preferred library or bookseller, and then join in on Zoom on Wednesday, November 17 from 5:30-6:30 p.m. for a lively discussion of Threads of Life: A History of the World Through the Eye of a Needle (Abrams Books, 2019) by Clare Hunter. This book is described as “a chronicle of identity, protest, memory, power, and politics told through the stories of needlework…to celebrate the age-old, universal, and underexplored beauty and power of sewing.” We look forward to hearing how the book’s thoughtful prose and meanderings through time and place about plying a needle and thread speak to you. It seems a fitting book to read in these contemplative times we are living through, as autumnal days arrive. Register for Quarterly Book Club to receive the Zoom link.

November 18

Zoom: Locating Records in Archives from Your Couch with Sara Cochran, hosted by the Larimer County Genealogial Society. The digital age has brought billions of records to genealogists’ living rooms. However, there is much more only available in hard copy. Learn how to track down these valuable resources, wherever they are in the world, without leaving the comfort of your own home. Our November 18 program begins at 6:30 pm. Visitors (not LCGS members) need to register to receive the Zoom info and handout. President Glenn York provides a brief overview of our society with the latest committee reports followed by tonight’s program.

Due to COVID, Meg is only putting together one month’s worth of events at a time. Once things pick back up again, we’ll have two month’s worth of events added here regularly again.

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