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The History of Buckeye & the Buckeye School

How a small agricultural community banded together to save their history and build community.


When: July 9, 9:30 am. 

Where: Buckeye Community Hall, Buckeye (northwest of Waverly). 935 W County Road 80.



The history of the Buckeye School is a really fantastic story of a small agricultural community rallying around the education of the students in their midst. The area has been, and continues to be, a diverse agricultural community that includes families of Germans from Russia, Japanese-Americans, and Mexican-Americans among others.

When schools in the area were consolidated, the Buckeye school sat empty for a time until the community rallied to save the building. They have since been maintaining it as a focal point for local community events. Not only does this historic school provide a continuing sense of identity for the community, but it also shows the scrappy, hard-working nature of Buckeye residents as they’ve leveraged every means possible to raise funds and not only maintain the school, but also make it more accessible and usable for the present community.

Join us to learn more about the community of Buckeye, the history of the Buckeye School, and the grassroots preservation efforts that this community has undertaken to protect the historic heart of Buckeye.

This event is free for Historic Larimer County members. A suggested donation of $5 will be asked of non-members and will go directly toward the Buckeye Community Club. (HLC members will also be supporting the Club, but we’ll be letting Ray take care of that. 🙂  )

Depending on where you’re coming from, you’ll want to head towards Waverly. It’s likely this will mean you need to take Highway 1 to County Road 15 (through Waverly — You’ll pass the Waverly school on your left.) Turn left onto County Rd 78, then right onto N. County Rd 17. That will dead end into County Rd 80. Turn right and then turn right again into the school’s “front yard” that used to also be the playground and baseball field.

Please RSVP to Sharon if you plan to attend. 

Directions to Buckeye School

Though you can approach the school from the west, there are more dirt roads involved than if you approach from the east. 

Coming from Fort Collins:

Get on to Highway 1 from wherever you are in Fort Collins. This will likely mean heading north on College Avenue until you pass the north King Soopers. At the intersection where 287 starts to curve west, turn right onto Highway 1 (also known as Terry Lake Road). 

They’ve installed a new light on Terry Lake Road at Douglas Road. Go throught that light and keep heading north. When the road starts to curve to the right, that’s where you want to turn left. (Highway 1 curves right but Terry Lake Rd. keeps going north.) As you head north on this road, keep your eyes peeled for the Waverly school on your left. It’s not the school we’re be touring today, but it does fit into the story of the Buckeye School. So just keep it in mind. 

You’ll pass Owl Canyon Rd, which has a stop sign, and keep heading north. Turn left at W. County Rd. 78. Then in one mile turn right on N. County Rd. 17. Then in one mile turn right onto W. County Rd. 80. You’ll cross over an irrigation ditch and then turn right into the school lot. 

Coming from anywhere that will put you on I-25:

Take the Owl Canyon Rd. exit off of I-25 and head west. When you get to Terry Lake Rd. (N. County Rd. 15), turn north/right. Stay on N. County Rd. 15 until you get to W. County Rd 78. 

Turn left at W. County Rd. 78. Then in one mile turn right on N. County Rd. 17. Then in one mile turn right onto W. County Rd. 80. You’ll cross over an irrigation ditch and then turn right into the school lot. 

Historic Downtown Windsor Walking Tour 

When: August 13, 9:30 am. 

Where: Our meetup location will be announced soon. 


One thing we’ve often talked about during Historic Larimer County board meetings is that history often overflows regionally. It’s not like events happen up to a boundary line on a map and then suddenly stop. People, events, and patterns of development/growth/change spill over from one area into another. Windsor is partially in Larimer County, but much of its municipal history has taken place in Weld County. But that’s an artificial boundary line we’re going to cross on August 13th in order to learn about the history of Windsor, its patterns of development (which contain echoes of development throughout Northern Colorado), and its architecture.

Join us as Caitlin Heusser, from the Windsor History Museum, and Ron Sladek, HLC president, lead us on a tour of downtown Windsor’s history and architecture.

Meetup information coming soon!

Please RSVP to Sharon if you plan to attend. 

September – Estes Park tour

October – Roberts Ranch tour of the teepee rings, Signature Rock, and the Devil’s Washboard.

November – Hoverhome in Longmont

December – Fifth Annual Holy Places for the Holidays Tour (locations to be announced)

Historic Larimer County has been hosting tours and talks since the summer of 2017. If you would like to learn more about which places and topics have already been covered, check out our Past Events page. If you have a suggestion for a future tour or talk, or you just want more information about one of the tours or talks listed above, please get in touch with Sharon Danhauer, our events coordinator, through our Tours & Talks contact form.


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