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HLC Annual Historic Preservation Celebration & Mid-Century Modern Tour

When: May 21st, 1 pm. 

Where: Tap & Handle, 307 S. College Ave, Fort Collins. 

Join Historic Larimer County for a one-hour celebration of our achievements of the past year and a look forward to the future of the organization, including some exciting developments to share. We’ll also have a quick vote on board members. There are two at-large positions open on the board, so if you know of someone who would be particularly well-suited to the work we do, please let us know! We’re especially in need of board members who will help run the membership program, ramp up our fundraising efforts, and who could bring technical expertise in areas such as preservation, architecture, development and finance (although, if you have experience in these areas, you don’t have to be on the board to help us out!).

Following the celebration and board election, HLC president Ron Sladek will take us on an easy walking tour to visit three nearby mid-20th Century buildings that were built as Fort Collins’ downtown commercial district expanded southward along the College Avenue corridor during the 1950s and 1960s. The event takes place at 1 pm at Tap & Handle, 307 S. College Ave. Snacks will be provided by HLC. Beer and other beverages are available for purchase through Tap & Handle.

2022 Preservation Award – Carl and Karen McWilliams

Please join the HLC board as we present our annual historic preservation award to Carl and Karen McWilliams. Through the pursuit of independent careers in the field of historic preservation, Carl and Karen have dedicated more than three decades each to the documentation and protection of historic resources in Larimer County and beyond. Today they are regarded as two of the most knowledgeable and respected preservation experts in northern Colorado. We look forward to presenting them with this much-deserved award and celebrating their lengthy careers and many accomplishments.

Graves Camp Tour

When: June 18th. 9 am.

Where: Meet up location to be determined. 

The Graves Camp at Soapstone is a remote ranching and transportation site that dates back to the 1860s and 1870s. Although listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the site is off-limits to the public. Historic Larimer County has arranged for this rare opportunity to visit this remarkable and scenic historic site, where you’ll learn about early Larimer County sheep ranching, frontier and territorial era transportation, and the history and architecture of the Warren Livestock Company. The tour will be led by HLC president and historian Ron Sladek, who prepared the National Register nomination.

Weather in Soapstone is often harsher than what we’re experiencing in much of the rest of Larimer County. So please check the Historic Larimer County website or the HLC Facebook page for any last minute weather-related updates or a cancellation. On the day of the tour, please dress in layers with clothing that will be appropriate in wind. Hats or ear muffs and a wind breaker are appropriate gear. Sturdy walking shoes will also be helpful.

We will be meeting up at a yet to be determined location and carpooling to the site from there. There are NO bathrooms where we’ll be going. (There also aren’t a whole lot of trees, so don’t count on just finding something to hide behind once you’re there.) We’ll hopefully find an initial meeting point with bathrooms so you can do one last visit before we set off. 

This tour is free for Historic Larimer County members and only $5 for non-members. The City of Fort Collins has limited this tour to 40 people total (including tour guide). So please be sure to RSVP. Priority will be given first to HLC member. Second priority will go to those who did not attend the Graves Camp tour in 2019. 

Archeological Dig at the Roberts Ranch

When: Date and time TBD – likely some time within June 28-30.

Where: Roberts Ranch, Livermore. 

Professor Jason Labelle will be conducting an active dig on the Roberts Ranch in June and he’s invited us to come and learn more about what they’re looking for and what they’ve found. Stay tuned for more details. 

The History of Buckeye & the Buckeye School

How a small agricultural community banded together to save their history and build community.


When: July (9th or 23rd, most likely)

Where: Buckeye Community Hall, Buckeye (northwest of Waverly)



The history of the Buckeye School is a really fantastic story of a small agricultural community rallying around the education of the students in their midst. The area has been, and continues to be, a diverse agricultural community that includes families of Germans from Russia, Japanese-Americans, and Mexican-Americans among others.

When schools in the area were consolidated, the Buckeye school sat empty for a time until the community rallied to save the building. They have since been maintaining it as a focal point for local community events. Not only does this historic school provide a continuing sense of identity for the community, but it also shows the scrappy, hard-working nature of Buckeye residents as they’ve leveraged every means possible to raise funds and not only maintain the school, but also make it more accessible and usable for the present community. 

Join us to learn more about the community of Buckeye, the history of the Buckeye School, and the grassroots preservation efforts that this community has undertaken to protect the historic heart of Buckeye. 

August 13 – Historic Downtown Windsor walking tour.

September – Estes Park tour

October – Roberts Ranch tour of the teepee rings, Signature Rock, and the Devil’s Washboard.

November – Hoverhome in Longmont

December – Fifth Annual Holy Places for the Holidays Tour (locations to be announced)

How Northern Colorado Has Faced Past Pandemics

When: We would love to present this talk to your group! 

Where: Zoom

We’ve been here before. Pandemics aren’t all the same, but there are themes that remain true from one to the next. And we’ve dealt with several pandemics in the past couple hundred years here in Northern Colorado. In this presentation, you’ll hear from several of Historic Larimer County’s board members on how past pandemics have affected Berthoud, Loveland, and Fort Collins. This presentation will include an overview of the past 200 years with a focus on the 1918 Influenza Pandemic and how it affected folks in Northern Colorado. 

Members of the HLC board gave this presentation via Zoom on October 27th, 2020 and we’d love to give it again. If you would like us to present this talk to your group, please use the contact link above to get in touch with us. 


Historic Larimer County has been hosting tours and talks since the summer of 2017. If you would like to learn more about which places and topics have already been covered, check out our Past Events page. If you have a suggestion for a future tour or talk, or you just want more information about one of the tours or talks listed above, please get in touch with Sharon Danhauer, our events coordinator, through our Tours & Talks contact form.


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