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Preservation 101

Historic Preservation & Affordable Housing

When: November 14, 7 pm.
Where:108 N. Meldrum Street, Fort Collins

This presentation is relevant to preservation throughout the county, but it will focus most particularly on historic preservation practices within the city of Fort Collins. 


There’s a perception that historic preservation and affordable housing are antithetical. Though there may be occasional areas of conflict, there are actually many ways in which historic preservation and affordable housing can go hand-in-hand. 

Historic Preservation is a tool. It can, and has, been used to cast in amber places related to the history of rich, White men. But it also can, and has, been used in Fort Collins as a tool for cultural preservation, environmental sustainability, and yes, even the creation of affordable housing. Learning about the ways that it can be an effective tool for maintaining and creating affordable housing can help housing advocates add another powerful tool to their toolbelt. 

This presentation and discussion is free and open to the public. We’ll begin at 7 pm with an overview of what both historic preservation and affordable housing are, several examples from Fort Collins (and a few from Loveland and Denver) of preservation allowing and even enabling affordable housing, and some ideas to consider regarding how preservation and affordable housing can effect each other. This will be followed by time for discussion. 

This Preservation 101 event is being held in the Carriage House of the Avery House. Head to the Avery House and then aim for the building directly north of the house. Thank you Poudre Landmarks Foundation for providing a space for us to meet on such short notice!

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