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Northern Colorado History & Heritage Events

This list includes as many history talks, tours, and reenactments as we could find. Also included are fundraisers being held by local historical societies, museums, and other history-related organizations.

Though this is the most comprehensive list of history and heritage events available for Northern Colorado, it sometimes happen that an event is missed. If you know of an event that’s not included here, please hop over to our Contact page and send us a note about what’s missing. It also occasionally happens that a typo sneaks its way into the text and a wrong date or time is listed. So we recommend that whenever you find an event that you’d like to attend, please click through on the link provided to get more information directly from the source.

This list is compiled by Meg Dunn who is a member of the Historic Larimer County board. Meg also publishes articles at and produces this events list as an eNewsletter sent out under the heading of “History Now.” If you would like to receive this list directly to your inbox, sign up here. The newsletter is published around the end of each month. If you’re not seeing it, please check your spam folder.

April History & Heritage Events

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April 6

Zoom: “Revealing the Mysterious West: Delisle’s Revolutionary Maps.” ​ Before the French Delisle family published maps of North America, California was shown as an island, the Mississippi River seemed to enter the Gulf of Mexico 500 miles too far west, and the North American interior was little known and confused. As the result of mostly French exploration in the continent’s mid-section around 1700, soon many geographical secrets would be revealed, and myths would be debunked. This 40-minute presentation, hosted by the Rocky Mountain Map Society, provides the background and demonstrates how French father and son, Claude and Guillaume Delisle, produced superb maps that revolutionized the understanding of the area and that were copied for decades. 5:30 pm. 

April 8

Zoom: Behind the Scenes of His Ultimate Sacrifice, Part 2. Back by popular demand, Dr. Vern L. Howard returns for Part 2 of Behind the Scenes of His Ultimate Sacrifice. After 13 years of non-stop work and being the face and voice of the Civil Rights Movement, Dr. Martin Luther King was assassinated by a sniper’s bullet in Memphis, TN on April 4, 1968. The world lost a visionary, a great orator, and a champion for peace. 53 years later, what are we doing to help serve our “fellow man”? To create a world with freedom and justice and equality for all? Join us for a virtual evening inspired by the life and mission of Dr. King, with Dr. Howard sharing little known information, music, art, writings inspired by Dr. King’s words! Brought to you by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Colorado Holiday Commission in cooperation with Loveland Museum and Loveland Public Library. Celebrating 32 years of service to Loveland and northern Colorado communities. You must register in advance for this talk to receive the Zoom connection information. 6:30 – 8 pm. 

April 9

Zoom: History of McLaughlin Ranch The Estes Park Museum is hosting local researcher and author Bob Leavitt as he explores the history of McLaughlin Ranch, the second Ranch in the Estes Valley. A few years ago, Bob Leavitt began researching the history of Carriage Hills and soon realized that he had to go back to the early history of the southern Estes Valley to fully understand the origin of the area. Historian Laureate James Pickering told Bob, “I think there was a very early ranch in the southern Estes Valley.” Subsequent research identified James McLaughlin as the occupant of that ranch. But where was it located exactly and what became of the McLaughlin ranch? Bob sought to answer these questions and will share his findings, sources, and methods used to research the ranch. Sign into Zoom here. Free and open to the public. 1 pm.  

April 10

Zoom: A Black Sea Colony in Beebe Draw: From Freudenthal, Russia to LaSalle, Colorado. Join the American Historical Society of Germans from Russia’s Northern Colorado Chapter for our Spring Chapter Meeting as we explore this unique community located near LaSalle, CO known as the Beebe Draw. We will open with some Dutch Hop music from Wayne Appelhans and The Dutch Hops, followed by the firsthand accounts of families from the Bohlender Ranch in Beebe Draw who describe the accounts of the settlers from Freudenthal Colony in Russia as they recount stories of their families arrival into Globeville, Colorado in 1888, then on to the Beebe Draw. Speakers include caretakers of the Beebe Draw Cemetery and more. 1 pm. Register in advance, or plan to sign in a few minutes early to complete registration the day of the event.   

Zoom: Analyzing Your Ancestry DNA Results, by Glenn York. Have you done an AncestryDNA test and don’t understand all the test results? Join the Larimer County Genealogical Society on April 10th at 9 am to learn about your AncestryDNA test results! Registration for this class is required to receive the handout and Zoom access info! Class Description Have you taken an AncestryDNA Test recently? Do you understand the results? Are you getting the most out of these results? This class will provide a detailed review of AncestryDNA tests, will discuss what the results mean and how to use these results to advance your family history research. This class will help you identify and connect with your cousins that have also taken DNA tests.

April 15

Zoom: Naturalization Records, by Joan Grady. The Larimer County Genealogical Society’s April 15 program begins at 6:30 pm. Visitors (not LCGS members) need to register to receive the Zoom info and handout. Program Information President Glenn York provides a brief overview of our society with the latest committee reports followed by the night’s topic on Naturalization Records. Naturalization records are a great source in researching your ancestors. They include records on obtaining citizenship, which yields two to three types of records. Joan’s presentation includes rules and regulations and how to obtain records as well as giving examples of what can be found in these documents which will advance our personal knowledge of our Immigrant forebears will be discussed. If time allows, individual problems from our members will be addressed.

April 17

Zoom: A Primer on Using MyHeritage Database & Website with Del Ritchhart. Want to know about another great database full of many innovative features? Join the Larimer County Genealogical Society to learn about MyHeritage’s international and local database website and their many features on April 17 from 9 am to noon via Zoom online broadcast. Please register to receive the Zoom online link and handout! Class Description MyHeritage has rapidly risen in status among the “Big Four” Genealogy Research Sites (Ancestry, FamilySearch and FindMyPast) since its inception in 2003. Over the past five years, in particular, it has added many technological innovations to its web site. This presentation will provide an overview of the best and most frequently used features of MyHeritage and will also provide a short introduction to it’s Personal Genealogy Software Program—Family Tree Builder. Family Tree Builder and MyHeritage work together like Family Tree Maker and Ancestry. MyHeritage has also developed a very effective set of tools for displaying and exploring your DNA data, for not only its own DNA tests; but, also, for data from other DNA testing companies. Incorporated into the presentation will be on-line demonstrations of many of MyHeritage’s key features, and a comparison between the Home and Library Editions. 

April 21

Zoom: Fred Payne Clatworthy: Colorado’s Color Photography Pioneer. Join the 1917 Book Club as they discuss the title, Fred Payne Clatworthy: Colorado’s Color Photography Pioneer with author, Richelle Cross Force. No registration is required. Click on the link above for access to the Zoom presentation. 10 – 11:30 am. 

April 22

Zoom: Genghis Khan and the Empire He Created. In collaboration with history students at Colorado State University, the Global Village Museum of Arts and Cultures will debut Genghis Khan and the Empire He Created in April as an online exhibit. The CSU students created Story Maps that guide the visitor through the incredible and complex narrative of the largest contiguous land empire in history. The fall 2020 class – The Mongol Empire – was taught by Associate Teaching Professor, Eli Alberts, who will give the virtual lecture on Thursday, April 22. Tickets are $5 per Zoom connection and available through the museum website

Zoom: History Brown Bag: Supporting the Troops Past and Present. From 1917 to 1919, citizens produced over 370 million items for troops and refugees. Popular posters during World War I were full of slogans like “Knit Your Bit” and “You Can Help”, encouraging people on the home front to create items to support the war effort. Newspapers and magazines printed patterns for things like knitted wool socks and comfort kits that families could send overseas in care packages. Join the City of Greeley Museums Curator of Collections, Katie Ross, and Registrar, JoAnna Stull as they explore local efforts to support the troops during World War I and walk you through how to create your own comfort kit and care package for today’s troops. 12 – 1 pm. 

End of April-ish

Zoom: Historic Larimer County will be hosting a talk in late April. It will likely be by Jason LaBelle and might possibly be on the Lindenmeier Site. And that’s about all I can tell you at this point, despite the fact that I’m on the HLC board. Real Life™ sometimes gets in the way of planning – but once it’s planned, it’s going to be great!  So just keep checking the HLC website and/or Facebook page for all the deets.  


Other Items of Note

Berthoud Historical Society Garden Group Plant Sale: Online plant orders will begin on April 15th with curbside pickup scheduled for May 8th. See the ad below for more info, or click on the link above. 

New and Reprised Exhibits at the Greeley History Museum

  • Unmentionable: The Indiscreet Stories of Artifacts” reopens Thursday, April 1, 2021 at the Greeley History Museum. Artifacts help tell the history of a community, but those stories are not always pleasant or happy. In fact, some artifacts are just downright gross or uncomfortable and are rarely displayed because of that reason. This exhibit is about looking at artifacts in a different way. Museums collect a wide assortment of items that tell stories about a moment in time, a place, a person or an idea. While the physical artifact stays the same, the meaning and significance of that piece can change depending on what’s happening in the world. Some of the pieces on display include a necklace made of human hair, a dental key used for tooth extraction, and a photo of doctors performing neurosurgery at the Greeley Hospital in 1953.
  • A Message for the Future.” If you could send a message into the future, what would you say? Would you talk about current events and pressing world issues or include your predictions about the future? How could you even be sure your message would be heard? This exhibition features a selection of items from both the 1967 Civic Center time capsule and the 1970 Welcome Wagon Newcomers’ Club time capsule.
  • War Comes Home: The Legacy.” Combined with local artifacts from the City of Greeley Museums’ collection, “War Comes Home: The Legacy” highlights private correspondence from almost every major conflict in U.S. history. The traveling exhibition, rich with historical and contemporary letters, offers an intimate perspective into the thoughts and emotions of veterans and their families upon a soldier’s homecoming.

Due to COVID, Meg is only putting together one month’s worth of events at a time. Once things pick back up again, we’ll have two month’s worth of events added here regularly again.

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